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Old Time Radio’s Greatest Christmas Shows | 100 Radio Shows – 100 Radio Shows – Old Time Radio Own the Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows of All-Time for Only $1 Per Show!
Each of these 7 collections contain 100 Old-Time Radio Shows (50 hours) on 50 CDs!
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The Collections

Each of these 7 collections contain 100 Old-Time Radio Shows (50 hours) on 50 CDs!

Old Time Radio's Greatest Christmas Shows


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Old-Time Radio’s Greatest Christmas Shows

100 episodes / 50 CDs / 50 Hours


A CHRISTMAS SING WITH BING 12-24-57 w/ Bing Crosby in a program of Christmas music around the world.

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-20-54 Babes in Toyland w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW 12-23-48 Christmas Program w/ Bud Abbott & Lou Costello

THE ADV. OF OZZIE & HARRIET 12-19-48 New Radio Phonograph w/ Ozzie & Harriet Nelson


THE ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 12-21-47 Adv. of the Christmas Bride w/ John Stanley

THE ALDRICH FAMILY 6-18-42 Selling Christmas Cards w/ Ezra Stone


THE ALDRICH FAMILY 12-21-52 Christmas Eve w/ Bobby Ellis

THE AMOS ‘N’ ANDY SHOW 12-22-44 Christmas Program w/ Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll


AUTHOR’S PLAYHOUSE 12-21-41 Christmas By Injunction w/ Curley Bradley

BOSTON BLACKIE 12-22-48 Stolen Rings at Christmastime w/ Dick Kollmar


BROADWAY IS MY BEAT 12-24-49 Nick Norman, Santa Claus w/ Larry Thor

BURNS & ALLEN 12-23-40 Christmas Program w/ George Burns & Gracie Allen


BURNS & ALLEN 12-21-43 w/ guests, Charles Laughton & Elsa Lanchester

CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER 12-19-46 Christmas Shopping w/ Staats Cottsworth


CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER 12-25-47 Santa Claus of Bum Boulevard w/ Staats Cottsworth

THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 12-22-41 The Green Pastures w/ Juano Hernandez


THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 12-25-44 America for Christmas w/ Walter Huston

THE CBS RADIO WORKSHOP 12-23-56 All is Bright w/ Rudolph Weiss


THE DAMON RUNYON THEATRE 12-12-48 Dancin’ Dan’s Christmas w/ John Brown

DRAGNET 12-22-49 .22 Rifle for Christmas w/ Jack Webb


DUFFY’S TAVERN 12-21-45 A Christmas Carol w/ Ed “Archie” Gardner

ESCAPE 12-24-47 Back for Christmas w/ Paul Frees


FAMILY THEATRE 12-15-48 A Daddy For Christmas w/ Shirley Temple

FAMILY THEATRE 12-19-51 Lullaby of Christmas w/ Roddy McDowall


FATHER KNOWS BEST 12-21-50 Hans Christian Anderson Family Christmas w/ Robert Young

FATHER KNOWS BEST 12-24-53 Stranded by Snowstorm w/ Robert Young


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-24-40 Gildy’s Radio Phonograph w/ Jim & Marian Jordan

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-15-42 Misplaced Christmas Money w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-18-45 Paints the Christmas Tree White w/ Jim & Marian Jordan

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-25-45 Gift From Doc Gamble but What Is It? w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-6-49 Makes His Own Christmas Cards w/ Jim & Marian Jordan

THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 12-21-41 Christmas Gift for Fibber McGee w/ Hal Peary


THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 12-20-42 Christmas Program w/ Hal Peary

THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 12-24-44 Christmas Eve w/ Hal Peary


THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 12-19-51 Why the Chimes Rang w/ Willard Waterman

THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD 12-28-47 Flight Into Egypt w/ Warren Parker


GUNSMOKE 12-20-52 Christmas Story w/ William Conrad

THE HALLMARK PLAYHOUSE 12-23-48 Story of Silent Night w/ James Hilton


THE HAROLD LLOYD COMEDY THEATRE 12-24-44 Bachelor Mother w/ Harold Lloyd

THE HAROLD PEARY SHOW 12-20-50 Playing Santa at the Christmas Party w/ Hal Peary


HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL 12-21-58 Hanging Cross w/ John Dehner

THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12-17-50 Buys Golf Tees for Christmas


THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12-23-51 Christmas Tree Decorations

THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12-21-52 Setting Up the Christmas Tree


THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW 12-24-47 w/ guest, Margaret O’Brien

THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL 12-21-44 Christmas Program w/ Bing Crosby


THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL 12-25-47 Christmas Program w/ Al Jolson and guest, Boris Karloff

THE KRAFT MUSIC HALL 12-23-48 Christmas Program w/ Al Jolson and Kraft Choral Club


THE LIFE OF RILEY 12-17-44 Christmas Present w/ William Bendix

THE LIFE OF RILEY 12-24-44 Roswell’s a Guest for Christmas w/ William Bendix


THE LIFE OF RILEY 12-20-47 First Christmas in a Store Window w/ William Bendix

THE LIFE OF RILEY 12-27-47 Family Christmas Present w/ William Bendix


THE LIFE OF RILEY 12-23-49 Embezzled Money from Christmas Club w/ William Bendix

LIFE WITH LUIGI 12-20-49 Christmas Gift for Pasquale w/ J. Carrol Naish


THE LUX RADIO THEATRE 6-25-44 Christmas in July w/ Dick Powell & Linda Darnell

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-21-54 Making an Ash of Himself w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


THE LUX RADIO THEATRE 9-17-45 Christmas Holiday w/ Loretta Young & William Holden

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-22-54 The Taming of the Shrew w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


THE LUX RADIO THEATRE 12-24-45 I’ll Be Seeing You w/ Joseph Cotten & Dorothy McGuire

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-23-54 A Star is Born w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


THE LUX RADIO THEATRE 3-10-47 It’s a Wonderful Life w/ James Stewart & Donna Reed

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 12-26-54 Your Presents is Requested w/ Jim & Marian Jordan


THE MARTIN & LEWIS SHOW 12-21-51 w/ Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & guest, Helen O’Connel

MILTON BERLE SHOW 12-23-47 A Salute to Christmas w/ Milton Berle


MR. PRESIDENT 12-25-49 Man at the Gate of the World w/ Edward Arnold

MY FAVORITE HUSBAND 12-16-49 George’s Christmas Present w/ Lucille Ball


MY FAVORITE HUSBAND 12-23-49 Sleigh Ride w/ Lucille Ball

MY FRIEND IRMA 12-22-47 Christmas Alone w/ Marie Wilson


MY FRIEND IRMA 12-20-48 Irma’s Christmas Party w/ Marie Wilson

THE NEW ADV. OF NERO WOLFE 12-22-50 Slaughtered Santas w/ Sydney Greenstreet


NIGHT BEAT 12-20-50 Christmas Story w/ Frank Lovejoy

OUR MISS BROOKS 12-18-49 Christmas Letter Contest w/ Eve Arden


OUR MISS BROOKS 12-25-49 Magic Christmas Tree w/ Eve Arden

OUR MISS BROOKS 12-31-50 Exchanging Presents w/ Eve Arden


THE PHIL HARRIS & ALICE FAYE SHOW 12-18-49 Christmas Tree in the Mountains

THE PHIL HARRIS & ALICE FAYE SHOW 12-25-49 Christmas Program w/ guest, Jack Benny


THE RADIO CITY PLAYHOUSE 12-25-49 Twas the Night Before Christmas w/ Lyle Sudrow

THE RED SKELTON SHOW 12-24-46 Christmas Program w/ Red Skelton


RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE 12-21-51 A Christmas Carol w/ Dick Powell

ROCKY FORTUNE 12-22-53 Plot to Murder Santa Claus w/ Frank Sinatra


THE SAINT 12-24-50 Santa Claus is No Saint w/ Vincent Price

THE SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE 12-23-49 Miracle on 34th Street w/ Edmund Gwenn


THE SIX-SHOOTER 12-20-53 Brit Ponset’s Christmas Carol w/ James Stewart

STARS OVER HOLLYWOOD 12-22-51 A Christmas Carol w/ Edmund Gwenn


SUSPENSE 12-20-45 Double Entry w/ Keenan Wynn & Hume Cronyn

SUSPENSE 12-21-50 Christmas For Carol w/ Dennis Day


SUSPENSE 12-21-53 Twas the Night Before Christmas w/ Greer Garson

SUSPENSE 12-20-55 The Cave w/ John Dehner & Dick Beals


SUSPENSE 12-21-58 Out for Christmas w/ Raymond Burr

SUSPENSE 12-20-59 A Korean Christmas Carol w/ Bill Lipton


TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 12-23-51 Christmas Payoff w/ Joel McCrea

THEATRE OF ROMANCE 12-24-55 Richer By One Christmas w/ Virginia Gregg


THEATRE ROYAL 12-24-53 A Christmas Carol w/ Laurence Olivier

THIS IS YOUR FBI 12-22-50 Return of St. Nick w/ Stacy Harris


THIS IS YOUR FBI 12-21-51 Innocent Santa Claus w/ Stacy Harris

THE TREASURY STAR PARADE 12-25-42 A Modern Scrooge w/ Lionel Barrymore


TWENTY FIRST PRECINCT 12-22-54 The Giver w/ Everett Sloane

THE WHISTLER 12-23-46 Next Year is Mine w/ Frank Lovejoy


THE WHISTLER 12-24-47 Decision w/ Cathy Lewis

YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR 12-23-56 The Missing Mouse Matter w/ Bob Bailey


Every Old-Time Radio Show has been digitally-remastered for superior sound quality. Here’s the sound quality of the Old-Time Radio Shows in each collection: