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Old Time Radio's 100 Greatest Drama Shows

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100 Old-Time Radio Drama Shows / 50 Hours via Digital Download

ADVENTURES OF FRANK RACE 5-1-49 The Adventure of the Hackensack Victory w/ Tom Collins

ADVENTURES OF FRANK RACE 5-8-49 The Adventure of the Darling Debutante w/ Tom Collins

ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 11-12-45 Speckled Band w/ Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce

ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 11-19-45 Double Zero w/ Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce

THE AMAZING MR. TUTT 7-5-48 Advice to a Young Lawyer w/ Will Wright

THE AMAZING MR. TUTT 8-23-48 The Liberty of Jail w/ Will Wright

BIG TOWN 9-14-48 Blind Justice w/ Edward Pawley and Fran Carlon

BIG TOWN 9-21-48 The Final Payment w/ Edward Pawley and Fran Carlon

BOLD VENTURE 4-9-51 Opium Smuggling w/ Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

BOLD VENTURE 4-16-51 Johnny Rice Story w/ Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

BOX THIRTEEN 11-21-47 Shanghaied w/ Alan Ladd

BOX THIRTEEN 12-5-47 Double Mothers w/ Alan Ladd

CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER 6-2-46 Reunion w/ Staats Cottsworth

CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER 9-5-46 The Handkerchief w/ Staats Cottsworth

CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 8-7-44 A Walk in the Sun w/ Frank Lovejoy

CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 4-29-52 Going Up w/ Robert Cummings

CBS RADIO WORKSHOP 1-27-56 Brave New World Pt. 1 w/ William Conrad

CBS RADIO WORKSHOP 2-3-56 Brave New World Pt. 2 w/ William Conrad

THE CHASE 1-4-53 The Fortune Hunter w/ Ralph Bell

THE CHASE 1-11-53 Professor Calvin and the Voice w/ Larry Haines

CLOAK AND DAGGER 5-28-50 The Trojan Horse w/ Raymond Edward Johnson

CLOAK AND DAGGER 6-4-40 The Brenner Pass w/ Raymond Edward Johnson

CRIME CLASSICS 6-29-53 The Checkered Life and Sudden Death of Col James Fiske Jr. w/ Lou Merrill

CRIME CLASSICS 8-10-53 The Ax and the Droot Family w/ Lou Merrill

CRIME DOES NOT PAY 12-19-49 Dead Pigeon w/ Myron McCormick

CRIME DOES NOT PAY 12-26-49 Glossy Finish w/ Martin Gabel

DAMON RUNYON THEATRE 10-3-50 The Hottest Guy in the World w/ John Brown

DAMON RUNYON THEATRE 10-10-50 All Horseplayers Die Broke w/ John Brown

DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT 7-1-53 Montreal Canada: Anthony Targu w/ Brian Donlevy

DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT 7-8-53 Saigon: Bomb w/ Brian Donlevy

DAVID HARDING, COUNTERSPY 4-4-50 Magic Murder w/ Don MacLaughlin

DAVID HARDING, COUNTERSPY 4-11-50 Mile High Murder w/ Don MacLaughlin

DIMENSION X 4-22-50 Report on the Barnhouse Effect w/ Santos Ortega

DIMENSION X 9-15-50 Hello Tomorrow w/ Nancy Olson

DR. CHRISTIAN 1-16-38 The Flood w/ Jean Hersholt

DR. CHRISTIAN 1-23-38 The Brent Family w/ Jean Hersholt

ESCAPE 5-16-48 The Match w/ Frank Lovejoy

ESCAPE 12-20-49 Figure a Dame w/ Frank Lovejoy

ESCAPE 11-5-50 Earth Abides Pt. 1 w/ John Dehner

ESCAPE 11-12-50 Earth Abides Pt. 2 w/ John Dehner

FORD THEATRE 10-5-47 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court w/ Mason Adams

THE UNEXPECTED 9-5-47 Fool’s Silver w/ Barry Sullivan

GANG BUSTERS 1-5-46 The Case of the Rumbold Vault Robbery w/ Arnold Moss

GANG BUSTERS 1-24-48 The Case of the Horse-Race Hijackers w/ Larry Haines

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE 7-23-53 Penny Serenade w/ Irene Dunne

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE 8-27-53 Sometime Every Summer w/ Dorothy McGuire

THE GREEN HORNET 3-7-43 The Corpse That Wasn’t There w/ Al Hodge

THE GREEN HORNET 5-28-46 Polarized Glasses w/ Robert Hall

HOLLYWOOD STAR PLAYHOUSE 4-27-52 Nor Gloom of Night w/ Alan Young

HOLLYWOOD STAR PLAYHOUSE 9-7-52 The 10th Planet w/ Joseph Cotten

I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI 2-4-53 The Sleeper w/ Dana Andrews

I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI 6-17-53 Abby As in Abigail w/ Dana Andrews

JOHN STEELE, ADVENTURER 5-13-50 Trail’s End w/ Don Douglas

JOHN STEELE, ADVENTURER 6-20-50 Shadow on the Snow w/ Don Douglas

THE LIVES OF HARRY LIME aka THE THIRD MAN 8-3-50 Too Many Crooks w/ Orson Welles

THE LIVES OF HARRY LIME aka THE THIRD MAN 8-17-51 Clay Pigeon w/ Orson Welles

THE LUX RADIO THEATRE 10-6-47 Undercurrent w/ Katharine Hepburn & Robert Taylor

FRONT PAGE FARRELL 7-1-49 The Case of the Fatal Smile w/ Staats Cottsworth

THE MAN CALLED X 5-7-51 Land Reclamation Project w/ Herbert Marshall

THE MAN CALLED X 1-29-52 The Swindling Racket w/ Herbert Marshall

MERCURY THEATRE ON THE AIR 11-20-38 The Pickwick Papers w/ Orson Welles

MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY 6-13-39 The $100,000 Check w/ Jay Jostyn

NBC PRESENTS: SHORT STORY 3-28-51 Shadow of Evil w/ Wally Maher

NBC PRESENTS: SHORT STORY 4-4-51 Honor w/ Paul Frees

NIGHT BEAT 7-31-50 The Telephone w/ Frank Lovejoy

NIGHT BEAT 11-10-50 A Woman’s Tears w/ Frank Lovejoy

NOW HEAR THIS 6-24-51 Shipboard Fire w/ Jackson Beck

NOW HEAR THIS 7-1-51 Hill 102 w/ Jack Grimes

ON STAGE 6-18-53 An Ideal Couple w/ Elliott & Cathy Lewis

ON STAGE 7-2-53 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere w/ Elliott & Cathy Lewis

ROCKY JORDAN 9-11-49 Adventure with Andrea w/ Jack Moyles

ROCKY JORDAN 10-2-49 Pattern for Revenge w/ Jack Moyles

SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE 2-13-49 Magnificent Obsession w/ Irene Dunne

SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE 2-20-49 The Prisoner of Zenda w/ Ronald & Benita Colman

SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE 11-9-50 Shadow of a Doubt w/ Cary Grant & Betsy Drake

FRONT PAGE FARRELL 8-12-49 The High Explosive w/ Staats Cottsworth

SCREEN GUILD THEATER 4-26-43 Casablanca w/ Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman

SCREEN GUILD THEATER 11-18-48 Rebecca w/ Loretta Young & John Lund

THE SILENT MEN 12-9-51 Pirates, Twentieth Century Style w/ Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

THE SILENT MEN 1-13-52 Little White Lies w/ Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

SOMEBODY KNOWS 7-20-50 Joseph P. Bohanik Murder w/ Harry Bartell

SOMEBODY KNOWS 7-27-50 Frank J. Christenson Murder w/ Ted de Corsia

STORY OF DR. KILDARE 9-7-50 Medical Examiner Mix-Up w/ Lew Ayres & Lionel Barrymore

STORY OF DR. KILDARE 9-14-50 Marion Lewis Teen Alcoholic w/ Lew Ayres & Lionel Barrymore

SUSPENSE 7-29-48 The Yellow Wallpaper w/ Agnes Moorehead

SUSPENSE 9-30-48 The Man Who Wanted to Be Edward G. Robinson w/ Edward G. Robinson

SUSPENSE 9-23-48 Celebration w/ Robert Young & Virginia Bruce

SUSPENSE 1-6-49 To Find Help w/ Gene Kelly & Ethel Barrymore

STRANGE WILLS 12-12-46 Alias Dr. Svengali w/ Warren Williams

STRANGE WILLS 12-5-46 The Mad Concerto w/ Warren Williams

THE VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN 9-18-47 Courtship of Anna May Lamour w/ Elliott Lewis

THE VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN 9-25-47 Shore Leave and the Unhappy Wife w/ Elliott Lewis

THE WHISTLER 10-16-44 The Tale the Dead Man Told w/ Elliott Lewis

THE WHISTLER 12-19-48 The Hangtree Affair w/ Frank Lovejoy

WHITEHALL 1212 7-20-52 The Unidentified Woman w/ Harvey Hayes

WHITEHALL 1212 7-27-52 The Magenta Blotting Pad w/ Harvey Hayes

X MINUS ONE 8-25-55 Cold Equations w/ Bob Hastings

X MINUS ONE 8-15-57 At the Post w/ Arnold Moss

YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR 5-7-56 through 5-11-56 The Silver Blue Matter w/ Bob Bailey

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