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Old Time Radio's 100 Greatest Shows

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100 Old-Time Radio Shows / 50 Hours via Digital Download

THE ABBOTT & COSTELLO SHOW 11-19-42 w/ Bud Abbott & Lou Costello and special guest, Merle Oberon with a bonus track of: “The Who’s On First” routine!

THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET 2-6-49 Housekeeping w/ Ozzie & Harriet Nelson

THE ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE 1-14-50 The Covered Bridge w/ Gerald Mohr

THE ADVENTURES OF RED RYDER 3-10-42 Dobie Town w/ Reed Hadley

ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE, DETECTIVE 9-19-48 The Hot 100 Grand Caper w/ Howard Duff

ADV. OF SHERLOCK HOLMES 10-29-45 Murder By Moonlight w/ Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce

ADV. OF THE THIN MAN 7-6-48 The Adventure of the Passionate Palooka w/ Les Tremayne

THE ALDRICH FAMILY 2-10-49 Geometry Homework w/ Ezra Stone

AMOS N’ ANDY 5-6-51 Annual Lodge Hall Picnic w/ Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll

BARRIE CRAIG, CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATOR 9-22-53 Kitchens Come with Knives w/ William Gargan

THE BIG STORY 1-7-48 Manhunt in Manhattan w/ William Quinn

BIG TOWN 3-26-40 Death Rides the Highway w/ Edward G. Robinson

BILL STERN, SPORTS NEWSREEL 12-17-48 w/ guest, Marie Macdonald

THE BLACK MUSEUM 1952 The Spotted Bedsheet w/ Orson Welles

BOLD VENTURE 3-26-51 Deadly Merchandise w/ Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

BOSTON BLACKIE 9-3-46 The Stolen Rare Book w/ Dick Kollmar

BOX THIRTEEN 10-3-48 Short Assignment w/ Alan Ladd

BROADWAY IS MY BEAT 5-30-53 The Ruth Shay Case w/ Larry Thor

THE BURNS & ALLEN SHOW 5-9-46 w/ George Burns, Gracie Allen and special guest, Harpo Marx

CASEY, CRIME PHOTOGRAPHER 7-31-47 Death in Lovers’ Lane w/ Staats Cottsworth

THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 10-8-45 Spy on the Kilocycle w/ Henry Fonda

THE CBS RADIO WORKSHOP 5-11-56 The Enormous Radio w/ William Conrad

THE CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW 4-11-43 w/ Edgar Bergen and guest, Martha Raye

THE CHASE 10-19-52 Manhunt w/ Mandel Kramer

THE CISCO KID 1-26-54 The Claim Jumpers w/ Jack Mather and Harry Lang

CLOAK & DAGGER 5-7-50 File #2218 w/ Raymond Edward Johnson 1st show

CRIME CLASSICS 9-30-53 The Bloody, Bloody Banks of Fall River w/ Lou Merrill

THE DAMON RUNYON THEATRE 9-26-50 The Lemon Drop Kid w/ John Brown

DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT 12-30-50 When a Friend Is Not a Friend w/ Brian Donlevy

DIMENSION X 6-17-51 A Pebble in the Sky w/ Santos Ortega

DR. CHRISTIAN 1-9-38 Hit and Run w/ Jean Hersholt

DRAGNET 9-15-53 The Big Cab w/ Jack Webb

DUFFY’S TAVERN 3-16-49 The Bully w/ Ed “Archie” Gardner

ESCAPE 3-17-50 Three Skeleton Key w/ Vincent Price

THE FAT MAN 1-17-51 The Nightmare Murders w/ J. Scott Smart

FATHER KNOWS BEST 12-18-52 The Kids Revolt w/ Robert Young

FBI IN PEACE & WAR 1-20-57 Ladies in Lace w/ Martin Blaine

FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY 5-20-41 Molly’s Birthday Cake w/ Jim & Marian Jordan

FIRST NIGHTER PROGRAM 2-12-48 Love is Stranger Than Fiction w/ Olan Soule & Barbara Luddy

FORT LARAMIE 1-29-56 The Boatwright’s Story w/ Raymond Burr

FRONTIER GENTLEMAN 10-26-58 The Rainmaker w/ John Dehner

GANG BUSTERS 10-23-48 The Case of the 24-Hour Twins w/ Elspeth Eric and Mandel Kramer

GENE AUTRY’S MELODY RANCH 1950s Betty Carson’s Cattle are Poisoned w/ Gene Autry

GRAND CENTRAL STATION 12-24-49 Miracle for Christmas w/ Mason Adams

THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 4-30-44 Engaged to Eve Goodwin w/ Hal Peary

THE GREEN HORNET 1-29-46 Escape For Revenge Picture w/ Robert Hall

GUNSMOKE 5-9-53 Buffalo Hunter w/ William Conrad, Parley Baer & Howard McNear

THE HALLS OF IVY 5-24-50 Fighting Med Student w/ Ronald & Benita Colman

HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL 11-22-59 Fair Fugitive w/ John Dehner

HOPALONG CASSIDY 3-3-51 A Jailer Named Satan w/ William Boyd

I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI 5-7-52 Little Red Schoolhouse w/ Dana Andrews

INNER SANCTUM 5-21-46 Detour to Terror w/ Mason Adams & Mercedes McCambridge

THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2-19-50 Jack Returns to Los Angeles Via Train w/ Jack Benny

JEFF REGAN, INVESTIGATOR 12-11-48 The Gambler and the Lady w/ Jack Webb

LET GEORGE DO IT 4-2-51 The Eight Ball w/ Bob Bailey

THE LIFE OF RILEY 3-30-51 Riley the Rent Collector w/ William Bendix

LIFE WITH LUIGI 4-4-50 The Traffic Light w/ J. Carrol Naish

LIGHTS OUT! 8-10-43 Sakhalin w/ host, Arch Oboler

THE LINE UP 2-22-51 The Story of Charlie w/ William Johnstone

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE 1936 Mr. Flint is Selling Stock in the Toll Bridge w/ Shirley Bell

LUX RADIO THEATRE 12-15-52 The African Queen w/ Humphrey Bogart & Greer Garson

THE LIVES OF HARRY LIME aka THE THIRD MAN 8-31-51 Voodoo w/ Orson Welles

THE MAN CALLED X 2-26-52 Venezuela Waterway Sabotage w/ Herbert Marshall

MERCURY THEATRE ON THE AIR 10-30-38 The War of the Worlds w/ Orson Welles

MURDER AT MIDNIGHT 11-4-46 The Heavy Death

MURDER BY EXPERTS 9-5-49 Return Trip

MY FAVORITE HUSBAND 5-20-49 Liz Feels She is Getting Old w/ Lucille Ball

MY FRIEND IRMA 5-3-48 Acute Love Sickness w/ Marie Wilson

THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER 7-6-47 The Locomotive Ghost w/ Maurice Tarplin

MYSTERY HOUSE 7-3-44 The Thirsty Death w/ Bela Lugosi & John Carradine

NEW ADVENTURES OF MICHAEL SHAYNE 1948 Case of the Carnival Killer w/ Jeff Chandler

NEW ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE 12-29-50 The Bashful Body w/ Sydney Greenstreet

NIGHT BEAT 11-3-50 The Black Cat w/ Frank Lovejoy

OUR MISS BROOKS 9-11-49 School Board w/ Eve Arden

PAT NOVAK, FOR HIRE 3-6-49 Fleet Lady w/ Jack Webb

PHIL HARRIS & ALICE FAYE SHOW 1-1-50 Concert Stage w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye

PHILO VANCE, DETECTIVE 6-21-49 The Peacock Murder Case w/ Jackson Beck

QUIET PLEASE 8-9-48 The Thing on the Fourble Board w/ Ernest Chapple

THE RED SKELTON SHOW 11-11-41 Red Goes to the Fights w/ Red Skelton

RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE 12-17-49 John Blackwell Case w/ Dick Powell

ROCKY FORTUNE 10-13-53 Steven in a Rest Home w/ Frank Sinatra

ROCKY JORDAN 7-2-50 The Dead Colleen w/ Jack Moyles

ROGUE’S GALLERY 10-18-45 Blondes Prefer Gentleman w/ Dick Powell

THE ROY ROGERS SHOW 10-26-51 Prospector Needs Help w/ Roy Rogers

THE SAINT 11-19-50 No Hiding Place w/ Vincent Price

THE SCREEN DIRECTOR’S PLAYHOUSE 8-4-49 Fort Apache w/ John Wayne & Ward Bond

SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS 4-21-47 Too Many Husbands w/ Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra & Lucille Ball

THE SEALED BOOK 4-15-45 Escape By Death w/ Phillip Clarke

THE STORY OF DR. KILDARE 6-22-50 Priscilla’s Broken Arm w/ Lew Ayres & Lionel Barrymore

THE STRANGE DR. WEIRD 5-8-45 Picture of a Killer w/ Maurice Tarplin

SUSPENSE 11-16-50 On a Country Road w/ Cary Grant & Cathy Lewis

TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGERS 5-13-51 Paid in Full w/ Joel McCrea

THIS IS YOUR FBI 8-20-48 The Wrong Way Shakedown w/ Stacy Harris

UNDER ARREST 8-1-48 The Spook of Sherwood Mansion

VIC & SADE 11-29-45 Uncle Fletcher’s Phone Calls w/ Art Van Harvey & Bernardine Flynn

THE WEIRD CIRCLE 12-24-44 The Doll w/ Arnold Moss

THE WHISTLER 9-3-44 Practically Foolproof w/ Bill Forman

WHITEHALL 1212 5-11-52 The Case of Margery Tate

X MINUS ONE 5-15-55 Universe w/ Ian Martin & Abby Lewis

YOU BET YOUR LIFE 4-13-57 Secret Word: Face w/ Groucho Marx

YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR 7-16-56 through 7-20-56 The Star of Capetown Matter w/ Bob Bailey

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